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The Legend of Glen & Bessie Hyde
Glen R. Hyde was born to Rollin C. & Mary Hyde in Washington State in December 1898, according to the 1900 census.

He grew up in a house at 126 E. Pacific Ave. in Spokane with his parents, sisters Edna and Jeanne, and paternal grandmother Susan Hyde. By 1910, the family had moved to Burbank, California, where his father, Rollin, worked in Real Estate. He also lived in Idaho and Oregon and after college, he went to work on the Hyde Farm in Hansen, Idaho.

In April 1928, he married Bessie Haley in Twin Falls, Idaho. They soon embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - a boat trip through the rapids of the Grand Canyon in a homemade scow. Newspapers carried the story of Bessie being the first woman to attempt to ride the river.

In November of 1928, about a month after they had set out, their scow was found floating and empty. No known trace of them has ever been located.

Glen's father, Rollin, and Bessie's father, William searched the canyon for their children for several years, to no avail.

Several theories have since emerged:

Theory 1: Bessie killed Glen and left the canyon to start a new life. This theory was proposed when in 1971, an elderly woman, "confessed" to a group in the Grand Canyon that she was Bessie Hyde and she had killed Glen. This was never proven, although some described Glen as a controlling, domineering husband, and that Bessie showed some fear of him.

Theory 2: The famous river-runner Georgie White was Bessie Hyde. This theory has not reached any standard of proof, but was fueled when friends going through her belongings after her 1992 death, located the marriage certificate of Glen & Bessie Hyde and a similar pistol to what they carried. This scenario seems to also be unlikely from the standpoint that river-running was not exactly Bessie's idea of fun - it would be unlikely for her to take it up as a vocation.

Theory 3: In 1976, a male skeleton was discovered on the property of a photography proprietor, Emery Kolb, who had helped search for the Hydes after their disappearance. It was speculated that this might be the skeleton of Glen; however forensic evidence suggested that the skeleton was of a laborer too young to be Glen. In addition, a belt buckle found with the bones did not match the one Glen was known to wear.

Theory 4: Glen & Bessie drowned. What happened to their bodies?

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